These kitties just can’t figure out where the sounds are coming from!

Monster Hunter, the widely popular video game in which you go on quests to slay monsters and become more and more powerful, has just released its newest edition on January 26, titled Monster Hunter: World. Like its predecessors, Monster Hunter: World allows you to create and customize not only your main character, but also your helpful cat-like assistant, the Felyne. Naturally, you can adjust what it looks like and what it’s wearing, but there are a lot of other cool things to customize, from its movements all the way to its voice.

Adjusting the voice is fun, because it makes lots of different meowing noises and you can choose which one you like best. It’s even more fun if you have cats, because they are going to come running to find out who is making the mysterious cat noises!

“Real felines who appeared when they heard the Felyne’s cries.”

Cats across Japan were drawn to their owners’ TVs by the cries of the Felyne, looking curiously and adorably around for the source.

Japanese netizens were just smitten with these kittens, who couldn’t figure out the exact source of the cries! The poor kitties just could not find the mystery cat, though they looked high and low for it.

When they really couldn’t find it, some turned to their owners with baffled looks:

“My cat came running when it heard the Felyne’s voice. It looked all around the TV, but when it couldn’t find anything he looked at me like he was saying, ‘It’s not there!'”

▼ “I started customizing my Felyne’s voice and my cat came running, then looked at me with this “What the heck???” kind of look. I just can’t stop laughing. The rumors are true!”

For some cats, simply moving the character around was enough to attract their attention.

Even dogs were (adorably) confused!

Apparently the voices of the Felyne were recorded from a real cat that was owned by a staff member at Capcom studios, so it’s no wonder that animals would respond so well to it.

▼ “My dog thought the Felyne was real because of the movements and the voice…he looks like he’s ready to attack! lol”

Japanese netizens loved these poor concerned cats:

“Now I want to buy Monster Hunter: World so that my cats will react that way too!”
“Cats’ responses to the Felyne voices are soo cute!”
“Too cute!”
“Both dogs and cats are curious about it. Cute!!”
“I wonder what the Felynes are saying? I love watching these videos but I hope the meows are not bad words in cat language. It sucks not being able to speak it!”

It just goes to show that there are many reasons to play the new Monster Hunter: World, chief among which are the gorgeous graphics and engaging gameplay, but also the cute responses elicited from your pets. However, since cats and expensive TVs don’t really mix, it might just be better to try other ways to inadvertently cause your pets to do funny things, to ensure that you can make it past the character customization phase.

Source: HachimavKiko
Featured image: Twitter/@misogorikun