And no, you can’t pick “All of the above.”

Last spring Japanese illustrator and Twitter user @niichi021 touched off an Internet debate when he asked his followers to pick between two schoolgirls he’d drawn who were equally cute in totally different ways. While it’s still a couple of months too early for spring fever, @niichi021 has girls on the brain once again, as he’s back with another schoolgirl showdown, this time with a winter theme.

Some people in Japan take fashion extremely seriously, and it’s not unusual to see young ladies sporting short skirts even in the dead of winter. On the other hand, some people don’t see the point in rocking the hottest fashions if they’ll drop your body temperature.

Putting his artistic skills to use, @niichi021 personified these two disparate sets of values with this new drawing of two schoolgirls, then posed the question of who’s cuter.

Let’s take a look at the artist’s notes for each.

The girl who can’t give up on dressing fashionably, even when it’s cold
“Uhhh…I’m going numb…”

● Regrets not at least wearing a scarf.
● Puts on hand lotion to try to ward off frostbite.
● Even though it’s winter, still rolls her skirt up three times at the waist to make it shorter.
● Despite the cold, keeps on wearing her favorite pair of loafers.
● Secretly sticks kairo (adhesive warming packs) on her back for a little extra warmth.

And her opponent…

The girl who prioritizes feeling warm above anything else
“Can’t wait to get home and get into the kotatsu.”

● No matter what, has her warm fur earmuffs.
● Wraps her long scarf around herself several times.
● The warmest coat that’s still allowable under the school dress code
● Wears gloves (obviously).
● Has multiple layers of warm shirts on.
● Doesn’t care one bit about rolling up her skirt.
● Extra warm 210-denier stockings
● Boots that can only be described as “clunky”

@niichi021’s artwork has gained him quite a following on social media, and his shortly after asking his followers which girl they preferred, he had a whopping 57,775 responses, with the practically dressed girl on the right winning a landslide victory with 70 percent of the votes.

Of course, we all know that the true judges of beauty and fashion are the readers of RocketNews24, so let us know which look melts your frozen heart.

Source: Kai-You, Twitter/@niichi021