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The helpful pooch in this commercial from Thailand proves that dogs really are man’s best friend.

When we see the words “Thai advertisement”, we immediately grab a box of tissues and prepare for some therapeutic crying. Finally, though, we’ve found one where we’re not only treated to a fairy tale ending, but none of the characters had to tragically sacrifice themselves mid-way through.

It looks like he’s made a friend for life.

▼ Friends save parking spots for you.

thai dog 1

▼ Friends will keep birds from pooping on your stuff.

thai dog 3

▼ Friends will help you clean your car.

thai dog 4

▼ Friends will assist you in your reverse parking.

thai dog 5

▼ Friends don’t let strangers abuse your belongings.

thai dog 6

▼ Friends know what’s best for you; trust them.

thai dog 7

We can’t say whether or not the dog strategically removed some vital part of the pretty girl’s car engine too, but we wouldn’t put it past him! It just goes to show that if you give a dog a snack, he’ll be your pal for life.

As always, it’s interesting to see what these lengthy commercials are for and the tagline at the end explains it all.

thai dog 8

Simple investment, returns that go way beyond your expectations. Sounds like we should leave our personal banking investments to Kiatnakin Bank. Or that cute little dog…is he a licensed banker?

Source: grape
Screenshots: YouTube/kiatnakinlive

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