Pets are pretty great: they are cute, funny and occasionally do crazy things. It doesn’t hurt that they just love us so much (probably more than we deserve, most of the time). You’ve probably heard of helicopter parents, but what about helicopter pets? If you don’t believe me, check out this video. This dog is so sweetly over-protective that it’s bound to inject some happy into your day.

It starts off innocently enough. Dude is just hanging out in the pool with his two pet Viszlas, enjoying the nice weather.

▼ “Just chillin’ by the pool with the human.”Dog1

Then he dives and one dog, Tucker, is not very happy about it. He starts crying out in a way only dogs can and scrabbling at the surface of the water, looking for his boy.

▼ “Where did he go? WHERE DID HIS HEAD GO?”


When he comes up, he paws at him to check if he’s alright.

▼ “Oh, there you are! Don’t you ever go away again!”


▼ “…8, 9, 10. OK, fingers are all there.”


You can hear his parents telling him how worried the dog was. It sounds like they’ll tell him not to dive again—and then his father says, “Do it one more time.”



You’ve got to love how the dog thinks it’s best to jump right on top of his head. That’ll save him! But the best part is his doggy friend’s reaction.

▼ “Seriously, dude, chill out!”


Tucker follows his boy all over the pool, keeping an eye on him wherever he goes.

▼ “Which way did he go? Is he still drowning?”


In the end he seems to understand that swimming is fun and they all relax together.

▼ “Yay, scratches!”


You really have to hear Tucker’s concerned cries for yourself. He almost sounds like he’s saying, “No-oh-oh!”

Source: Karapaia
Images: YouTube