You can’t call yourself an epicure until you’ve eaten from an edible bowl created with ramen noodles and waffle batter. And thanks to this new device, you can make one at home!

Japan is great at inventing quirky food-related gadgets. Who could forget the infamous Sonna Choco Banana, a  handy tool to stuff chocolate into bananas or even pre-packaged chocolate slices which help cut down on time wasted spreading instead of eating. Whatever the culinary contraption, as soon as it hits shelves we question how we managed to live this long without ever realising we needed it.

And now Japan’s gone and done it again with the release of this, er… “waffle bowl” maker…

The nifty new device is basically just a waffle maker, but the magic is in the design. The waffle mould is curved in a bowl shape, which enables the user to create perfect “waffle bowls” by simply pouring in some batter. The finished bowl can then be used in a variety of ways, as suggested by the advertising, which include: ice cream recepticle, salad bowl, noodley batter bowl, and, uh… reconstituted toast bowl.

After doing a few seconds of internet digging, we discovered that the “Wafflebowl” maker is available through the Recolte website, and retails for 7,000 yen (US$60). The website even has an informative video showing the “Wafflebowl” maker in action, which you can enjoy below.

If anyone just happens to have a waffle craving along with a spare sixty bucks, any of the RocketNews24 staff would be delighted to whip you up as many yummy waffles as you want for that price (as long as we can lick the batter bowl). The best part is, unlike the “Wafflebowl” maker, we’re self-cleaning.

Source: Recolte,
Images: Recolte