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Earlier this month, cat owners in Japan stumbled across affordable, adorable beds for their pets at IKEA, of all places. But while repurposing the furniture megastore’s doll beds will make your cat look incredibly cute while it’s sleeping, what about when it’s awake?

Actually, we just picked up a collar with a design so elegant it wouldn’t be out of place on an exalted feline in ancient Egypt. Not only was it incredibly cheap, we found it at yet another unlikely place: the grocery store.

Recently, this snapshot shared by Twitter user Matsunaga has been making its way around the Internet in Japan.

Upon getting an eyeful of this regal look, plenty of cat lovers found themselves wanting to copy the style with their own kitties. But this is Japan, after all, a country that has no problem paying exorbitant prices for fashionable accessories or high-end pet supplies. Just how much does this collar cost?

Actually, it’s free, as long as you’re craving an apple.

While it’s not quite a luxury good, fruit is relatively expensive in Japan, and since shoppers are paying high prices for their apples, peaches, and pears, they’re pretty particular about how they look. A lot of fruit gets packaged and sold in soft Styrofoam-like nets, called “fruit caps,” and while they’re initial purpose is to protect and cushion produce, some inventive Japanese pet owners have found they can also double as collars.

Inspired by pictures she’d seen online, our Japanese-language correspondent Aoi Kuroneko decided to try it out on her family’s feline. Waiting until the cat was in a good, cooperative mood, she set it down on the stairs and slipped on its budget-priced accessory.

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The result is surprisingly fetching, with the contrast between the white fruit cap and the cat’s jet black fur really helping all of the pattern’s details stand out.

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Back in the living room, Aoi’s cat took on an even more dignified air.

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With its steely, mysterious gaze, we can see why cats enjoyed such a lofty position in Egyptian society. As a matter of fact, it looked so aristocratic we couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for tricking it into such a haughty pose with something that most people toss into their recycle bin.

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But should you decide to do the same for your cat, we promise your secret’s safe with us.

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* We’re fairly certain that your cat will make it more than clear if it isn’t down with being dressed up, but if you do decide to try this out with your own pet, please be sure to use only fruit caps that are large enough and have plenty of give. *

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