If you need to flag something important, these cheeky kittens will do the job for you.

We all know cats love to mess with anything that grabs our attention. Whether it be sitting on our keyboards as we type or rubbing their heads on our books as we read, if a kitten wants to stick its nose into our things, they’ll certainly make sure they find a way. In Japan, online retailer Felissimo is taking this curious, playful nature to the world of stationery, creating a unique range of adhesive page markers designed to play out every feline’s fantasy, by giving them free reign over notebooks in miniature form.

▼ Because if cats really were tiny, miniature beings, you know this is what they’d be doing!


What makes these adhesive tabs extra special is the fact that they’re based on images of real, live cats, chosen from a selection of 2,422 photos submitted by customers.


After whittling down all the submissions to a preliminary selection, the company then had to choose their top 13 from a variety of colours, breeds and adorable faces.


▼ Imagine the thrill of seeing your own cat turned into an adhesive flag!



▼ The range includes wide-eyed peek-a-boo kittens who look like they’ve just been caught reading your diary…


▼…cats that peer at you from over the book cover or hang on for dear life…

▼…felines busy scratching, trying to find out what’s hidden inside…

▼…and kittens enjoying a good stretch. The one on the left here has squeezed itself into a box of Neko Beer, or “Cat Beer”.

Some of the kitties are especially cute as they appear in all their full-bodied glory once the book is opened. The attention to detail is adorable!


The adhesive cat tabs come in a total of three varieties, pictured below, with only one of these designs available each month, starting from 5 February.


Priced at 646 yen (US$5.50) for the first month’s set and then 700 yen each for the following two months, 20 yen from each pack sold will go towards the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs.


Source: Felissimo
Top Image: Felissimo
Insert Images: Felissimo, Nekobu Blog