Tokyo Disneyland is filled with loveable costumed characters, but last Friday the whole cast got upstaged by this little costumed guest.

Although you can find all sorts of Disney-themed apparel on sale within Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, barring a few special occasions the parks have a strict no-cosplay rule in effect for visitors to The Happiest Place(s) on Earth (in Japan). There is, literally, a little loophole, though, in that exceptions are usually made for very young children, such as the daughter of Japanese Twitter user and blogger Satoyuzu-chan (@satoyuzzz).

Actually, it’s not entirely clear if the nineteen-month-old is actually cosplaying. Japanese toddler fashions tend to skew towards the ultra-cute, and in the winter you’ll often see little kids bundled up in fluffy hooded jumpsuits complete with animal ears. The one Satoyuzu-chan’s daughter is wearing, though, is styled after Duffy the Disney Bear, who’s either one of the theme park’s cutest mascots or most shamelessly heavy-handed marketing ploys, depending on your tolerance level for such merchandising.

However, what can’t be debated is that the kid is absolutely adorable, as shown in this video of the tyke and three passersby which was shared by her mother.

▼ You know one of those girls is going to squeal “Kawaii!!” Wait for it. Wait for it

“Our little one-year-old Duffy was so comfortable posing for pictures with people that they were asking if she was part of the cast,” tweeted Satoyuzu-chan, using the term by which Disney theme parks refer to their front-line employees. You could almost dismiss that as the giddy gushing of a proud mommy, until you see the kid stick the hospitality landing by sending the three women in the video off with the sort of warm yet practiced wave Disneyland’s costumed performers so consistently give to visitors.

Seriously, if that kid isn’t on Disney’s payroll, she should be.

Source: Grape, Twitter/@satoyuzzz