Pixar’s hit franchise serves as the inspiration for a new class of Tokyo Disney Resort accommodations.

It’s been a rough year for both the hotel and theme park industries, what with the pandemic severely impacting leisure travel and large gatherings. Eventually, though, things are going to get back to normal, and so Tokyo Disney Resort is forging ahead with its expansion plans, with the next one up being an entire hotel based on the Toy Story franchise.

When your hotel is drawing inspiration from one of the most popular and critically acclaimed movie series of all time, you don’t want to be coy about it, and so the Oriental Land Company (owners and operators of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea) announced this week that the hotel will be named the Toy Story Hotel.

Concept art for the hotel, as seen above, shows a colorful and playful exterior, and the designers are promising “clever ideas to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of toys” throughout the facility. The 11-story building will be located right outside Bayside Station on the Disney Resort Line, providing easy access to both the Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea parks.

While this isn’t the first Tokyo Disney Resort hotel, it is breaking new ground by being the first in what the resort is calling “moderate-type” accommodations. Meant to slot between the budget-priced Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel and the luxurious Disney Ambassador, Tokyo Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Sea Mira Costa hotels, the 595-room Toy Story Hotel will offer comfort and convenience without putting too much strain on the wallet.

The Toy Story Hotel is scheduled to open later this year, and should serve as a great staging point to check out Tokyo Disneyland’s new Beauty and the Beast and Big Hero 6 attractions.

Source: Oriental Land via IT Media
Images: Oriental Land
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