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Maybe the U.S. presidential candidate doesn’t have as much otaku cred as some people think he does.

Last month, a political commentator, in discussing the supporters of U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump, insinuated that most of them masturbate to anime. Actually, he didn’t so much insinuate it as say those exact words.

And sure enough, there was a male attendee at Trump’s rally in Atlanta last weekend who was indeed wearing the costume of an anime character. And not just any anime character, but Sailor Moon, one of the medium’s most iconic and immediately recognizable figures.

However, anime fandom, especially in America, is a wide and varied demographic, and the political opinions of the man, who goes by @bootymath on Twitter, don’t seem to align with those of the real estate mogul/four-time bankruptcy declarer who had the podium, as shown in this video from the event.

Granted, Bootymath doesn’t directly say anything in opposition of Trump or the statements he’s making to the crowd. It’s still pretty apparent, though, that he’d like to make it as hard as possible for the candidate to be heard. Even after the rest of the audience has stopped, Bootymath continues to chant “U.S.A.!” with such gusto that he has to ask someone to hold the shirt he was wearing over his costume.

After about a minute, a surprisingly calm security guard comes over and quietly informs Bootymath that he’ll have to leave the building and move his sudden demonstration to a designated area for protestors that’s located outside.

While most venues reserve the right to remove individuals who’re disrupting the events being held, this also means that Trump had no opportunity to sway Bootymath with the rest of his speech and win over the cosplayer’s political loyalty. But then again, if that was really Usagi Tsukino, the secret identity of Sailor Moon, the fact that she’s a Japanese citizen, and a minor to boot, means she wasn’t going to be voting in the U.S. presidential election anyway.

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Top/featured image: YouTube/Awful Records