Everyone feared there’d be a gaffe during the presidential visit, but this wasn’t what anyone was expecting.

Ever since President Trump arrived in Japan on his first visit to the country as the U.S. President, a huge crowd of media from around the world have been following him on his official appointments, relaying his speeches and statements to the public while pointing out details about what he’s been eating and commenting on the depth of his bow to the Japanese Emperor (which received approval for being at much less of an angle than his predecessor).

During his two-night stay in Japan, Trump has been under intense scrutiny, with people around the world watching and waiting for the president’s unpredictable character to come out in a media-worthy moment that would undoubtedly make headlines. Instead, it appears that his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Abe, is the one making news as it was revealed that he fell in a bunker during the much publicised golf outing the two enjoyed on Sunday.

Trump and Abe were joined by Japanese golf pro Hideki Matsuyama during the informal round of golf, which was held at Kasumigaseki Country Club in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture. While the three were pictured smiling for the cameras on the ground, up in the air TV Tokyo was recording their movements on the course, capturing the very moment that the 63-year-old prime minister tried to make it out of the bunker…before rolling back into it again.

Take a look at the tumble at 0:20 in the video below:

It appears that Trump had his back turned at the very moment when Abe lost his balance and rolled backwards off the grass. Several aides saw the blunder and quickly came to his assistance as he hurriedly got back up on his feet, picking his cap up in the process. According to reports, Abe was uninjured after the fall, however, it’s not clear whether or not Trump was made aware of the incident.

Japanese viewers took to Twitter immediately to comment on the footage, leaving comments like:

“Who needs Piko Taro when you’ve got a hidden comedy talent like this?”
“This made me laugh out loud when I watched it!”
“It just occurred to me that “bunker” and “Ivanka” sound similar in Japanese!”

“I’ve been playing golf for 40 years and I’ve never seen anyone do this.”
“I’m surprised at how nimble he is!”
“He’s practicing for the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.”

It definitely would be great to see this recreated at the 2020 Olympics, complete with the groundsman in the bunker, who hardly blinked an eye at the tumble and carried on raking the sand instead. Still, the way the Prime Minister was able to pick himself up after rolling into the bunker is a great reminder of how he nimbly popped out of a pipe dressed as Mario to promote the Tokyo Olympics.

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: SoraNews24

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