Beautiful curry is easy to prepare and made with the petals of Japan’s favorite flower.

Now that we’re past winter’s midpoint, it’s just about time to start looking forward to spring. Of course, in Japan, spring means one thing: the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

Well, actually, spring means two things, because not only is it when the flowers themselves arrive, it’s also when sakura-flavor foodstuffs appear in Japan. The last few years have seen an amazing boom in sakura sweets, but if you’re looking to add some cherry blossom appeal to your main dish as well, Kanagawa Prefecture curry company Chomi Shoji has just the thing with its Haru Mankai Sakura Curry (haru mankai meaning “full-bloom spring”).

The instant curry starts out as a white roux with buttery coconut milk notes, but what really makes it special is that the ingredient list also includes sakura flower petals. The mix also includes sliced Japan-grown potato and carrot, and, of course, you can add whatever other ingredients you want. The curry comes in a vacuum pouch, which you prepare either by boiling the still-sealed pouch in a pot of water for five minutes or by pouring the pouch’s contents into a dish, covering it with plastic wrap, and microwaving it for two minutes.

▼ Even the box has sakura.

Haru Mankai Sakura Curry is listed as being “moderately spicy.” In addition to always-beloved curry rice, Chomi Shoji recommends it for use with pasta or spread on bread too, but regardless of how you use it, it’s sure to make for a uniquely beautiful meal. It’s available online here through e-commerce site Rakuten, priced at 594 yen (US$5.75) for a 200-gram (7-ounce) pouch.

Source: @Press via Entabe
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Insert images: Rakuten/Chomi Shoji, @Press
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