Distract yourself from studying with new Minecraft eraser sets featuring blocks and characters from the mega-hit video game.

As one of the world’s most popular video games, Minecraft has built a legion of fans with its open-world format, which gives players the freedom to challenge themselves and express their creativity through the breaking and building of cube-shaped blocks. Whether you want to recreate the city of Kyoto or bring the floating castle from a Studio Ghibli film to life, the cube-based gameplay is able to make all types of building dreams a reality.


Now, Japanese toy and hobby manufacturer Bandai is bringing the computer generated 3-D building block world to life with a new series of adorable eraser sets. Featuring characters and items from the game, all in their distinctive cube-shaped Minecraft form, these gorgeous pieces will help you design the building of your dreams, while erasing any mistakes you might make in the process.


Picking up on the pronunciation of the first two letters in the word “Minecraft”, the new stationery items are called “My Keshi”, or “My Eraser”, and come in three main sets with a variety of contents.

First up is the “My Keshi Starter Set” (1,300 yen/US$11.53), which is available in two styles, starring default players Steve and Alex from the video game. The “Iron Steve and survival pack”, contains a bed, a chest, grass, coal and the all-important crafting table, while the “Iron Alex and cave exploration pack”  features diamonds, gold, iron, TNT, and a furnace.


The “Character Box” shifts the focus to the game characters and their items, with five to choose from, retailing for 500 yen each. There’s Steve with a pickaxe, Alex with a redstone torch, a villager carrying an emerald, a zombie with some rotten flesh and a Creeper with gunpowder.


▼ The “Block Set” comes in two varieties for 1,600 yen each: wood and glass blocks; and rocks and a door.


▼ With their miniature size, these erasers fit easily into pencil cases so you can carry them around with you when you go to work or school.


If you’d like to collect them all, there’s plenty of time to save your yen for a big splurge, as the items in the range go on sale at toy stores around the country from the end of May.

Source, Images: @Press