A new video reveals spectacular footage of the world of My Neighbor Totoro rebuilt in Minecraft.

The 4-minute-plus “cinematic trailer” takes us through the world of My Neighbor Totoro showing stunning transformations from animation scenes from the real movie to Minecraft equivalents.

You can see the “My Neighbor Totoro in Minecraft – Cinematic Trailer” here:

The video begins with the family (university professor Tatsuo Kusakabe and his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei) driving through farm fields on their way to moving into an old house to be closer with their sick wife/mother. Each sequence from the movie wipes away to reveal the identical Minecraft version while we listen to a beautiful soundtrack.


We then arrive at the old house and pan through the building to see the bathroom, the kitchen, and the tatami (traditional Japanese floor matt) room, the balcony, and the father’s office. All the while we can see moving images from the real movie of certain scenes corresponding to the rooms superimposed over the Minecraft world.


We then follow Mei as she runs into the forest through a sort of woodland tunnel until we come across a huge tree. Mei falls into the tree and we see Minecraft Totoro’s tail as he sleeps inside the tree. The makers also recreated the bus stop scene where Totoro is standing in the rain and an amazing aerial view of the entire town with Catbus and Totoro looking out from the top of a mountain.


I’m not sure how long this would have taken to create but I’m guessing it would have required many, many hours. The final credits give recognition to around thirty developers so it shows us that one person didn’t accomplish this remarkable feat alone.

For those Minecraft enthusiasts you can use the following address to see this My Neighbor Totoro world in Minecraft:

Maybe some of you will be inspired! I’d love to see more Ghibli movie worlds like this one!

Source: YouTube/AlanBeckerMinecraft