Master sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada shows us why he’s a cut above the rest.

Experts say it takes several years just to learn how to prepare sushimeshi, the vinegared rice used in sushi rolls, and then another five or 10 years to finally become adept at making hand-shaped nigiri sushi. That isn’t to say there aren’t critics who scoff at the idea that becoming a proficient sushi chef should take that long, but when you watch professionals like Hiroyuki Terada, with almost 30 years of experience under his belt, it makes it harder to disagree with the experts.

The talented chef makes weekly posts under the YouTube channel Hiroyuki Terada — Diaries of a Sushi Chef, in association with the NoVe Kitchen & Bar restaurant he heads in Miami, Florida.

▼ Color me impressed, because I can’t even cut with that kind of precision even with my face inches from the cucumber and my eyes wide open. Also, don’t try this at home unless you’d like to lose a few fingers.

But that’s not the only trick Terada has up his sleeve! While he may work at an upscale Japanese kitchen and sushi bar, he has no qualms about pushing the limits of sushi-making by using cheaper or stranger ingredients in his sushi as part of his “Will It Sushi?” series.

▼ A winning combo or the stuff made of nightmares?

Why, you ask?


Eager to see another expert sushi chef in action? Check out this documentary about Toshio Oguma, sushi chef at Tanoshi Sushi in New York City.

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