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These cakes made with puréed strawberries don’t just bring you the sweet taste of the red fruit, they look like the berry too!

Fukasaku Farm, located in Ibaraki Prefecture in the central Japanese main island and about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Tokyo, has recently released this jewel of a cake made with their farm-grown strawberries, and we think the result is as visually stunning as the watermelon cake we tried last year!

While Fukasaku Farm is a working farm that produces a variety of fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, melons, potatoes, tomatoes, and rice, it’s no stranger to the cake baking business, as Fukusaku has been operating an on-farm open kitchen cake shop that specializes in baumkuchen, a type of cylindrical cake originally from Germany with layers resembling tree rings (hence its German name which means “tree cake”), since 2010. Baumkuchen has long been a popular cake in Japan, and the folks at Fukasaku Farm pride themselves on offering the baked treat using fresh products from their farm.

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Fukasaku Farm has actually come out with watermelon and baked sweet potato baumkuchen cakes before, but apparently, this strawberry cake was the hardest to create structurally. Named the “Strawberry Baum Premium“, the 11-layered baumkuchen contains purée made from the farm’s naturally grown strawberries, specifically produced through natural pollination by honey bees.  Additionally, the center of the cake is filled with a soft strawberry paste that also contains plenty of the purée. The surface of the cake is coated with chocolate and bits of strawberry crumble to better recreate the texture of a real strawberry, and the hull is made of a carefully designed piece of chocolate.

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▼ How the  purée is made

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Step 1. Begin with plenty of ripe Love Song variety strawberries.

Step 2.  The strawberries are washed.

Step 3. The hulls are cut off with a knife. This is done after the berries are washed to prevent the Vitamin C from being washed away.

Step 4. Sugar is poured over the strawberries.

Step 5. After a while, the sugar melts.

Step 6. The sugared strawberries are put in a blender.

Step 7. The strawberries are blended and poured into a bowl. Now, they’re ready to be used in the cake!

▼ They may have struggled to get the shape and details just right, but the finished product looks gorgeous and tempting!

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The cake, measuring 22 centimeters (8.66 inches) long and 8 centimeters tall, is priced at 2,400 yen (US$21) and is available at the Farmkuchen Fukusaku shop on the farm or through their online shop. We have to say, they’ve certainly created a beautiful cake, and if the pictures of the strawberries grown on the farm are anything to go by, we have good reason to believe that the cake should taste as good as it looks.

Whatever the occasion, the dessert should definitely surprise and delight, because it sure doesn’t look like a typical strawberry cake!

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Top image:@Press press release
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