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If you’ve seen Disney’s Big Hero 6, you know that the film’s most memorable character, marshmallowy medical helper/combat robot Baymax, spends about half of his screen time being awesome, and the other being adorable. In one of the best examples of the latter, he becomes a mattress for his exhausted friends, letting them lean into his soft, cushioned body during a brief respite during the bumpy transition to their new lives as superheroes.

If you’re feeling similarly worn out after a hard day, you’ll be happy to know that, just as the trailer for the film promised, Baymax has your back…or your front, or your side, depending on how you sleep, in the form of this amazingly heart-melting semi-posable Baymax bed.

The unique piece of furniture is being offered through Japanese online retail site DeNA Shopping, which breathlessly and redundantly describes the item as the “Baymax Stuffed Animal Sofa Sofa Bed BAYMAX Bed.” But hey, you try to contain your excitement when you get a load of how cute this thing is.

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Made of polypropylene fiber, the bed measures 230 centimeters (seven and a half feet) from head to toe, making it even bigger than the Pikachu bed we looked at a while back. While you can, of course, lay Baymax out flat on the ground, the moderately pliable design means that you can also prop him up and have him give you a great big hug.

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▼ This model’s revealing hemline makes it look like she’s auditioning for a PG-13 version of the Academy Award-winning kids’ film.

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If you think you’d be satisfied with your sleep with a Baymax bed, orders can be placed here at a price of 49,800 yen (US$398). Bear in mind that since each bed is made to order, the manufacturer estimates delivery roughly two weeks after payment is made. As such, it’s probably best if you don’t rely on it for any urgent medical care you might need, and instead consult your local doctor or full-fledged Baymax robot.

Source: DeNA Shopping
Images: DeNA Shopping (edited by RocketNews24)