There’s just something soothing about the face of Baymax, the caretaker (and superpowered) robot that plays a prominent role in Disney’s Big Hero 6. Baymax looks like a big pillow to some people. Others say he more closely resembles Japanese dumplings, or the rounded discs of mochi used as New Year’s decorations in Japan.

Or, as these photos show, you could also duplicate Baymax’s inviting aura of soft plumpness with a white T-shirt and large pair of breasts.

Cosplayer Saku recently strutted her stuff at Comiket 87, the massive anime, video game, and pop culture event held in Tokyo at the end of December. The busty costuming enthusiast’s winter break is over though, as earlier this week she tweeted a photo of her newest movie-inspired outfit.

Rather than go the orthodox route of a full-body costume, though, Saku chose to recreate just Baymax’s face, using only her chest.

▼ Baymax

BB 1

▼ Bust

It’s not clear whether Saku stuck a strip of electrical tape to her chest or made Baymax’s facial features using felt or some other type of cloth. By simply slipping on a snug top and attaching the robot’s eyes and connecting line, though, she did an uncanny job reproducing the character.

As always, large breasts attracted a lot of attention online, where the following comments were made.

“Is this Baymax 2?”
“So this is the Boobmax I’ve been hearing about!”
“Now that gave me a good laugh!”

Just to prove our minds don’t completely shut down when we’re staring at a woman’s chest, we do have one question. In the movie, Baymax goes back into his container after his patient says, “I am satisfied with my care.” Many of Saku’s fans reacted to her snapshots with a heartfelt “Thank you,” and since we’d take that to mean they’re satisfied with what they saw, will the creative cosplayer now be zipping up her hoodie?

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