Both foreigners and Japanese folks agree, Calbee’s new cola-flavored chips are a big win. But you’ll have to be pretty lucky to get some for yourself!

When Japanese people think of potato chips, they usually think of Calbee. For years the brand has continued to stick to the lightly salted and consomme-flavored chips the country loves, despite other makers like Yamayoshi and Koikeya coming out with odd flavors like coffee and orange.

But now, for perhaps the first time, Calbee has decided to shake things up this December by offering cola-flavored crisps. There’s just one catch, though. These snacks will only be available in crane games and won’t be sold in stores. As part of a promotional campaign organized by Namco and Calbee, these chips will be featured as prizes at 200 Namco-owned amusement centers nation-wide starting December 18.

▼ Two of the world’s most popular junk foods combined, you say?
Gotta catch ’em all!




Some of you might be wondering whether or not these chips are worth the hype, but both companies claim they taste positively “revolutionary” and they’ve even got a promotional video to prove it:

So, guys, next time you’re at the game center, why not skip the stuffed animals and win her some potato chips instead? We’re sure she’ll appreciate it more, and if you’re lucky she might even share!

Source: YouTube/Kabushiku Gaisha Namco
Feature/insert images: Namco x Calbee Potato Chips Cola Aji Campaign

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