Backpacks and pouches for the next time the classic anime inspires you to get out and explore nature.

Watching Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro can stir some complex emotions. The depiction of an idyllic slow-paced childhood in the countryside often produces a powerful sense of wistful nostalgia, even if you didn’t grow up in rural Japan, and the magical adventures sisters Mei and Satsuki go on in the forests and fields around their home make one muse on just when it is we lose our sense of wonder along the way to becoming adults.

Perhaps more than anything else, though, watching Totoro can make you simultaneously say to yourself “Whoa, anime is amazing!” and “I really should go outside and spend some time in nature,” so when you are ready to head outdoors, you can take some Totoro style with you, thanks to Studio Ghibli’s new collaboration with Outdoor Products.

Starting things off is the Outdoor Totoro Day Pack S, graced by the presence of several Soot Sprites/Makkurokurosuke, plus a small-size white Totoro.

With dimensions of 38.5 x 28.5 x 18.5 centimeters (15.2 x 11.2 x 7.3 inches), the 9,680-yen (US68) Day Pack S is a little on the compact size, but that also makes it non-bulky enough to easily manage any crowded train stations or bus depots you might need to pass through on your wat to the nearest forest trail.

▼ A reflective shoulder strap helps keep the Day Pack more easily visible if you’re using it after night has started to fall, and the lining shows that the Soot Sprites respectfully stay on the outside of the bag.

If you’re traveling lighter, or, conversely need a little more space than the backpack alone provides, the Soot Sprites and small Totoro will also keep you company on this Shoulder Bag (6,600 yen).

At 20 centimeters in length, it’s not quite long enough to fit a standard 500-mililiter vending machine-bought drink bottle inside, but it is big enough to hold essentials like your wallet, phone, and snacks (yes, your snacks are essential – don’t let anyone tell you different).

If you want something sleeker, there’s the “Smart Shoulder” (5,500 yen), a corded pouch for your smartphone that also has one large outer pocket and three interior card pockets for your credit card, commuter pass, or Suica card.

The Smart Shoulder’s strap is removable, a feature it shares with the Shoulder Bag which makes them usable as bag-in-bag organizers too.

And last, for the minimalist excursion, here’s the Key and Coin Case (3,850 yen).

Though it’s not mentioned in the product name the Key and Coin Case can also fit a few cards, and the carabiner clip lets you hook it to other bags or straps if you’re using it in a supplementary style.

The entire lineup is available here through online retailer Ensky Shop.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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