These owners were in for a happy surprise when they discovered their dogs were their photographers in this professional studio photo shoot.

If you ask pet owners to show you the photos they’ve taken on their mobile phones, chances are you’ll find dozens of images of their adorable little animals. And each pose is an extension of the owner’s love and affection, revealing special moments in a relationship where the pet is always on the other side of the lens.


But what if our pets could photograph us? That’s the topic of a new ad from Mars Japan, who produces some of the country’s most well-known pet foods and pet care products. Enter the “Phodographer”, pups taking photos by pressing the shutter button of a specially modified camera.

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While we’ve seen a dog with a GoPro recording its owners’ wedding in the U.S., these little “Phodographers” from Japan actually captured photographic moments in a professional studio setting.

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The owners, who had no idea that their dogs would be photographing them until their pups entered and started snapping away, and their shocked reactions were captured on film by their beloved pets.

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▼ The phodographers bring out a special quality in their subjects that human photographers would find hard to achieve.

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The joy of having a beloved pet serve as a photographer even brought one emotional owner to tears. To see the phodographers in action, and the beautiful images produced, check out the short clip below. Seeing yourself through the eyes of your furry companion can be a moving experience!

Source: Grape
Images: YouTube/Mars Japan