Free “Language Learning with Netflix” extension makes studying Japanese almost too easy

Works for lots of other foreign languages too!

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Facebook’s “reactions” get a facelift with Reaction Packs: Sailor Moon, Pokémon and more

Even haters of Facebook’s new “reactions” may reconsider after seeing all of the fun modifications you can make with this new browser extension.

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I live in Animal Crossing – Get the music from Nintendo’s cutest village sim in your browser

If, like me, you spend the majority of your waking hours sitting in front of a computer screen, you probably have some kind of musical accompaniment to help keep the dark bunnies of insanity at bay. But it can be hard to find music that is both pleasant to listen to and not overly distracting while working, so you may find yourself spending more time choosing an audio track than getting any actual work done.

Thankfully, you can now get the music from Nintendo’s adorable community sim Animal Crossing right in your web browser as a free plugin for Google Chrome. And not only that, the tunes change depending on the time of day–just like in the game!

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A simple solution to internet security

With the recent announcement of a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer (IE), media outlets in Japan have been sounding the alarm for those who haven’t bailed on the beleaguered browser long, long ago.

As you might expect, a significant portion of IE users aren’t the most tech savvy people and use it simply because it’s Window’s default browser. So when the TV starts telling them to “change IE to another browser such as Google Chrome” they really should provide more explanation.

If not, you get what happened in the image above that was tweeted by a younger sibling earlier this week.

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