Add some major socks appeal to your swim sessions with these waterproof over-the-knee socks available from wacky goods menagerie Village Vanguard!

We love the Japanese variety store Village Vanguard, or BireBan as it’s playfullyknown in Japan. It’s the perfect place to pick up all manner of household essentials like Resident Evil curry, “Space Tea” and Samurai sword tights. But they’ve really outdone themselves this time with the introduction of a new product which to be honest we’re not sure how we’ve managed to survive this long without: sexy swimming socks!

Now, if the only swimming socks you’ve ever known are those gross rubber foot covers which are designed to stop you picking up (or spreading) icky foot fungus to others at the pool, then you probably don’t associate them with anything sexy. But just take a look at these!


The concept of underwater knee socks has recently become popular with photographers and those who enjoy the sight of ladies in socks coupled with the aesthetic of underwater photography.


We’re not sure how practical they’d be for a hardcore or even a hobby swimmer, but if you’re looking to take some underwater shots and need sexy props, you could do worse than these.


The socks look cool on dry land, too.






The socks retail for 3,024 yen (US$26) per pair which is a bit pricey for a pair of socks, but at least they’re waterproof and as a result possibly more durable than bog-standard cotton socks.

Source and images: Kai-You