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Have historical weapons from Japan’s Sengoku period guard your legs against the cold.

Last month we took a look at a pair of tights with an evil spirit-warding sutra emblazoned on them. But what if your enemies aren’t ghosts, but hostile samurai?

If so, you might be interested in the new line of Sengoku Touken Tights, the latest round of merchandise in the young woman-driven surge in interest in Japanese swords.

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Sengoku Touken translates to “Swords of the Country at War,” and each of the three designs in the collection features illustrations of an actual historical samurai blade. The drawings aren’t just detailed, but large too, stretching from the hip to the ankle on the back of the left leg (sheathed) and the front of the right (unsheathed).

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Also pictured are multiple images of each sword’s handguard, with one straddling the inseam and making the gap between the legs look like the long, slender blade.

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Seen above is the Kotetsu model. The first kanji in Kotetsu means “tiger,” which might explain why the 17th-century sword’s grip in the illustration is covered with a yellow and black tiger stripe-like wrapping.

For something darker in both hue and backstory, there’re the Mursmasa tights, decorated with the 16th-century sword said to be imbued with a sense of bloodthirstiness that it would also impart on its wielders.

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And finally, the Dodanuki tights show off the sturdy, unassuming design of the 16th-century sword from Kyushu.

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All three versions can be ordered here from novelty goods shop Village Vanguard for 4,320 yen (US$36). While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a couple of pairs of kitsune fox spirit tights to complete your wardrobe for the week.

Source: Japaaan
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