Underwater Knee High Girls appear in new exhibition celebrating soft thighs and kaiju monsters

Nobody combines classic monsters and knee-high socks like Japan.

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Look cool at the pool with these new waterproof over-knee socks

Add some major socks appeal to your swim sessions with these waterproof over-the-knee socks available from wacky goods menagerie Village Vanguard!

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Japan celebrates Knee-High Socks Day【Photos】

Japan is a land of linguistic vagaries. Take the kanji character 食, which means “eat.” Ordinarily, it’s pronounced “tabe,” but it can also be pronounced “ku,” depending on which phonetic characters follow it. Oh, unless it’s followed or preceded by a non-phonetic character, in which case it’s pronounced “shoku.”

You know what else Japan is a land of? Unabashed fetishes.

These two characteristics combine on November 28, Knee-High Socks Day.

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