Having 159,000 followers when you’re just eight months old has to be some kind of record, right?

When you think about it, babies are basically just pets for the first year or so of their lives… albeit pets that are constantly screaming to be fed and have their bottoms wiped. And since we’ve seen before just how cute it can be to dress up pets in costumes, why not try the same for babies?

That’s exactly what Singaporean mother @leialauren did when she gave birth to twins Leia and Lauren, also known as the “Momo Twins.” She has been steadily tracking their growth for the past eight months via cute pictures, resulting in the twins getting quite the celebrity-level following before they’re even old enough to tweet.

What exactly makes the Momo Twins so popular? I think the pictures speak for themselves:

▼ The cutest lil’ candy thieves. D’aww!

▼ Putting on a hardcore performance for their audience.

▼ “But Mom! You said I could be the orange!”

▼ Man, how come the coolest outfits only ever come in baby-size?

▼ The twins at one month old, with one of them trying to pull a Kirby on the other.

▼ Ah yes, the human infant in its second-month cocoon phase.

▼ Three months brings matching shirts and faces.

▼ And of course learning to fly at four months. That’s one for the baby book!

▼ It’s five-month-old Princess Leia vs. Darth… Lauren!

▼ These guys were six months old before it was cool.

▼ “I can’t wait to put this card in my mouth,” says the seven-month-old.

▼ Those wily eight-month-olds…
all they ever want to do is party at the beach and eat donuts!

▼ And the Momo Twins with their lovely
photographer – their mother – in matching outfits.

Do you want to see more round-cheeked cuteness? Then be sure to follow the Momo Twins’ Instagram, and read all about their adorable adventure to Iceland over at their official blog. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of cute bundled-up baby pictures.

Source: Instagram/leialauren via grapee
Featured/top image: Instagram/leialauren