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Now grandpa can silently judge you from the mantle — in 3D!

Japan’s Roice Entertainment may sound like some kind of cheesy talent agency, but the company actually specializes in photography and 3D printing. They’ve grown a lot since their humble beginnings in 2013, continually offering more and more services such as original 3D figure creation. Whether it’s for a wedding, a special occasion, or perhaps just to commemorate your favorite cosplay outfit, Roice Entertainment is, apparently, THE place to go to create your three-dimensional replica figure.

Their figures usually require multiple high-resolution photos to be taken from various angles, and only allow for very specific poses, but their newest service—aimed at those who have lost a loved one—purportedly allows a favorite picture to be transformed into a 3-D replica that can then be used to store the deceased relative’s cremated ashes.

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This special figure is expertly crafted by a 3-D designer who makes the replica using only one reference image. The model is then sent to the printer where it is turned into a full-color plaster replica, the back of which has an opening that’s sized for a special case that houses the deceased’s ashes.

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Immortalizing your loved one in plaster isn’t going to be cheap, however. Figures can be bought in 20-, 25-, or 30-centimeter sizes (7.8 inches—11.8 inches) and cost 100,000 yen (US$886.50), 150,000 yen, or 200,000 yen, respectively. Then again, these prices are well below the average cost of a casket, and in the end, you really can’t put a price on the precious remains of a much-loved family member. That is, so long as you can handle them staring at you from the mantle as you fritter your life away watching Netflix and re-runs of Dragon Ball…

Source: Golden Times
Images: Roice Entertainment

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