You won’t want to miss your chance to pick up the most recent issue of ViVi for this cute Sailor Moon pouch and mirror set!

As lovely as the items featured in the previous Sailor Moon and Anna Sui collaboration, or the one currently going on at Isetan are, for many of us with average paychecks they’re just a little out of our budgets.

Fortunately, fashion magazine ViVi has some useful, adorable freebies to offer us Moonies with the release of their “May” edition on March 23.


According to this promotional video featuring regular models Arisa Yagi and Tina Tamashiro, each issue will come with vinyl pouch and mirror set decorated with manga-style images of Eternal Sailor Moon.

▼ Pouch and mirror set


Each issue will retail at 690 yen (US$6.13) and also includes an entry form to win tickets to the upcoming Sailor Moon exhibition starting next month.

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