This huge, detailed Gundam sculpture was built out of cardboard by Japanese high school students

You may have seen some Gundam models, but I bet you’ve never seen one like this!

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Japanese company will turn a photo of a deceased relative into a 3D rendering that’s also an urn

Now grandpa can silently judge you from the mantle — in 3D!

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Artist makes cool Gundam, tanks, and rifles out of Amazon boxes to show they’re all secretly cute

You can use the phrase “paper tiger” to describe someone or something that’s not as tough as it appears to be, but you could conjure up the same image just as easily with a different pair of words. For example, “cardboard tank” seems like it could serve the same linguistic purpose. So could “cardboard Gundam” or “cardboard M16,” for that matter.

But while those might not be as powerful as their original, non-cardboard forms, they are all incredibly awesome when made out of corrugated cardboard, as proven by the creations of artist Monami Ono, who makes all those and more out of cardboard boxes from Amazon.

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Gummy Me! The Perfect Gift for White Day

With 3-D printers and scanners becoming ever more affordable, it’s great to see creatives turning their previously unrealised ideas into reality. Not wanting to be outdone by the face-shaped Valentine’s Day chocolates doled out by Japan’s ladies this Valentine’s Day, the clever people at coffee house and creative workshop FabCafe in Tokyo have come up with the perfect gift for men to give this White Day: personalized gummy men.

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