Zipper fasteners hide a special surprise for sharp-eyed fans.

Attack on Titan’s 3-D Maneuver Gear, also called the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment in some translations, is a pretty cool piece of technology. Not only does it allow the anime’s heroes to zip through the air as they fight their colossal adversaries, its bulky yet athletic lines make for a dramatic silhouette as the characters strike dramatic poses.

In the past, detailed replicas of the anime’s Vertical Maneuvering Equipment have been offered for sale on multiple occasions, but they obviously weren’t functional. Now, though, Tokyo Otaku Mode has a more practical option with its four-way Vertical Maneuvering Equipment Bag.

Measuring 33 centimeters (13 inches) in length, the standard way to wear the bag is to have it lie against the small of your back, held in place either with a pair of shoulder straps or clipped around your waist.

▼ The cotton twill bag’s leather section bears the mark of Attack on Titan’s heroic Survey Corps.

In addition to multiple compartments to stow your belongings, there’s a mesh pouch on one end, and an opening to thread an earphone cord through at the other, allowing you to keep your smartphone or music player secured inside the bag as you listen to some tunes.

One of the coolest details is the zipper pull, which instead of being an ordinary strip of metal is shaped like the sword blades used to slay Titans.

And if your personal allegiance lies not with the Scout Courps, but with on of the other branches of Attack on Titan’s military, additional leather patches bearing the insignia of the Military Police and Garrison can also be ordered.

Tokyo Otaku Mode is currently taking preorders on its website here for the bags, which are available in black or khaki, priced at 11,584 yen (US$105) for the standard package of bag and Scout Corps patch, or 13,744 yen for a bundle that includes a bag and all three insignia. Shipping is scheduled for February, so customers will definitely have them by the premiere of Attack on Titan’s third season next summer.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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