As the weather warms up, our clothes lighten up, just like the spring version of the wildly popular men’s sailor loungewear!

Guys, if you were hoping to get the fleecy sailor uniform loungewear that sold out in just two days last winter, now’s your chance! BIBI LAB, thendesigning company behind all things weird, has heeded the call for comfortable women’s wear designed to fit a man’s body, as otokonoko and crossdressing in general becomes more widely accepted.

Behold, the Boku Sera (“Boku” being a masculine word for “I” and “Sera” from the Japanese pronunciation of “sailor”):



The average man’s shape and body type make it difficult for guys looking to crossdress to find women’s clothes that don’t cut off circulation to their arms or hug the body in all the wrong places. But the new spring version of the “Boku Sera” includes all guy-friendly points of the first winter version, this time in a lighter, more breathable sweatshirt-type material.



The spring Boku Sera will go on sale on April 8, and is available for preorder through Amazon Japan, Animate, Rakuten, and Village Vanguard (sorry, all sites are Japanese only). If you’ve got your eye on this, judging by how quickly the winter version sold out (even though it was thought there was enough stock to last for half a year), you might want to jump at the chance while you still can!

Source:, BIBI LAB
Images: BIBI LAB