Watch out sailor sisters! There’s a new line of sailor-themed clothing on sale and this time it’s the boys’ turn to come out and play. There won’t be any trousers or navy hats here though, because the only thing masculine about these clothes are the bodies that will be going into them.

It’s the Boku Sera (“I’m a Sailor”) range, which uses the Japanese male pronoun boku to highlight exactly what sets the clothes apart from all others we’ve seen before: these are girls’ sailor-style school uniforms, only now they’re built for male bodies.

The unusual roomwear items come from Bibi Lab, a design house which specialises in researching unique ideas and bringing them to life, no matter how wacky they seem. Previously, they’ve given us the full-body mosquito net jumpsuitthe snuggie that covers everything except your hands, nose and mouth, and even life-sized human-shaped pillows. Now they’re taking fleece to a place it’s never been before with two special man-sized sailor-style schoolgirl outfits.


The Pure White design features the blue and white colour scheme most commonly associated with Japanese schoolgirls, but if black is more your style, you can opt for a Darkness Black number. Both are available from Japan’s largest e-commerce site Rakuten Ichiba for 6,880 yen (US$57.71) each.

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Bibi Lab designed these outdoor styles as “roomwear” items for a number of specific reasons. Firstly, it’s a great way for men to see what it’s like to wear women’s clothing. While some men have no problem with parading around in public in schoolgirl uniforms, more discreet gentlemen might prefer to dress up in the comfort of their homes, away from prying eyes.


And when you’re lazing about at home, you want to be dressed for comfort, which means you don’t want to be squeezing into tight, ill-fitting ladies clothes. Bibi Lab has you covered, by specifically designing their female outfits for the male figure.

▼As long as you fall between a medium or large size, according to the Japanese male sizing system.


Bibi Lab is also singing the virtues of wearing women’s clothing, pointing out that the roomy nature of the one-piece provides “zero stress” around the tummy area, meaning you can let it all hang out while remaining comfortably warm and covered at the same time.



The fleece material increases the comfort level of the clothing so you can lounge around with the lightest of ease. Now that we think about it, fleece uniforms in real schools might actually work, especially in those freezing Japanese classrooms during wintertime.


And for those after some girly details, a pair of knee high socks are included, perfect for showing off the much coveted strip of exposed thigh between skirt and sock.



In their usual light-hearted manner, Bibi Lab also claims that their product can reduce stress. If you’ve had a bad day, or if you’re worried about getting older, simply slip into the comfy sailor suit and all your worries will fade away.

▼ Because sometimes the stress relief of a no-pants lifestyle makes you feel like fireworks are going off behind you.


And if you’re a girl who never got to wear the distinctive schoolgirl outfit growing up, this is your chance to make lost dreams come true!


▼ From reading to gaming to playing with teddy bears, male models show just how comfortable life in a fleece sailor suit can be.




For a quick peek into the world of roomwear sailor uniforms, including a zero stress happy dance, check out the short clip below!

Source: Narinari
Images: Bibi Lab