These dark, yet beautiful images of Tokyo at night by Liam Wong are as stunning as they are surreal.

Liam Wong, a Scottish graphic designer for Ubisoft, made the switch from programming to game design after a video game he developed as a 21-year-old university student was nominated for two BAFTA awards.

Since then, he’s gone on to work on a number of successful games like the Crysis trilogy and Far Cry, and recently took some time out to photograph Tokyo at night during a trip to Japan—a project which has generated a large amount of buzz thanks to its blend of dark, comic/video game-style renditions of the capital city and its neon lights.

Here are some of our favorites:

▼ Shibuya Center Street (Center Gai)


▼ Shibuya Crossing



▼ Taxi driver dropping a couple off at Shibuya’s Love Hotel Hill


▼ Batting cages and Chinese-style dumplings in Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho


▼ Maid cafe worker in Akihabara


▼ Izakaya in Asakusa


You can view the whole “Tokyo Is Beautiful at Night” set on Wong’s Instagram account here, but don’t blame us if this photographic tour of Tokyo’s major areas makes you yearn to be transported among the city’s big lights.

Source: Linkedin/Liam Wong
Feature/insert images: Instagram/Liam Wong