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New Virtual Japan travel service has Japanese Internet in stitches over its terrible CG

The concept is great, but the execution? Not so much.

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Kyoto voted as the Best Big City in the world by international travelers, beating out Tokyo

Condé Nast Traveler readers think Kyoto is the best city for travel.

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Take a trip down south in Japan — five hidden gem places to visit in Kyushu

Escape from the hustle and bustle with these spots in Kyushu!

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Popular tourist spots in Kyoto look like a ghost town due to coronavirus

Everyone staying indoors means no one is going sightseeing. Read More

The top 10 Castles in Japan to visit in 2019, as ranked by TripAdvisor users

It’s time to plan your sightseeing campaign across Japan! Read More

Top 20 castles to visit in Japan in 2017

Experience Japanese history through castles both intact and…not intact.

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The fourth best place to visit in the world is…this neighborhood in Osaka?

We all know Osaka is great, but we didn’t know it would be this great.

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We visit a conveyor belt BBQ offering Japan’s best beef at only a fraction of the price【Pics】

Say hello to some the country’s best barbecue, or yakiniku, featuring cuts of highly sought-after  Matsusaka beef.

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You’ve never seen Tokyo’s nightscape quite like this【Photos】

These dark, yet beautiful images of Tokyo at night by Liam Wong are as stunning as they are surreal.

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Park Hyatt Hotel honors hotel guest’s request to stay in Bill Murray’s “Lost in Translation” room

On vacation in Tokyo but feeling a little “lost in translation”? Well, if you’ve got the cash to splash, why not make your Japan experience even more memorable by paying homage to the classic comedy-drama of the same name by staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel, considered by some to be Tokyo’s best luxury hotel.

For those who are extremely fortunate, as one Reddit user recently found, you might even score a fabulous night in the suite used by Bill Murray in the movie.

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5 places in Japan to visit in 2015

Although we just told you about why Japan is an unpopular tourist destination, if you are planning on visiting in 2015and we really recommend you do!there are some landmark events going on that you might want to consider as you make your plans. Here’s our list of five places you’ll want to visit in Japan in 2015.

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Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination?

You would think that a country like Japan, rich as it is in both traditional culture and technical innovation, as well as plenty of weird and wacky things you’ll never see elsewhere, would be a huge hit with tourists. But as it turns out, Japan is actually not such a popular destination for people traveling abroad. Join us after the jump to find out why.

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Going to Japan? Be sure to check out our official RocketNews24 travel guide!

Are you planning to make that trip to Japan in the new year and in need of a few travel tips? Well, look no further because we here at RocketNews24 know a little bit about the Land of the Rising Sun and want to share our collective knowledge with you about unique restaurants, free Tokyo attractions, haunted places and surprisingly interesting tours.

So whether you are planning a first-time visit to Japan or you are looking for something new on a return trip to the country we all have come to love, click below and bookmark this post to jumpstart your 2014 travel plans to Japan!

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TripAdvisor Ranks Top 20 Japanese Travel Destinations For Foreign Visitors, Hiroshima Edges Kyoto For Top Spot

The Japanese arm of tourism website TripAdvisor gathered user comments and evaluations from the past year and used them to rank the Top 20 travel destinations in Japan over that time. Hiroshima Prefecture maintained its popularity with two destinations in the Top 5 while five Kyoto sightseeing spots made the list.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and A-Bomb Dome moved to the top of the list after coming in second last year. Read More