No more plastic cups — Starbucks Japan aims to get rid of plastic in stores with new initiatives

Coffee giant proposes four new initiatives to reduce plastic waste.

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Uniqlo Japan will pay you for your old clothes with new recycling project Re:Uniqlo

You know what’s even better than buying Heat Tech? Recycling your Heat Tech.

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Japan government asking for our old electronics so scrap metal can be used in Olympic medals

As the saying goes: One man’s trash is another man’s reward for devoting his life to excellence in sport.

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DIY-ers in Japan find awesome and adorable ways to recycle denim jeans 【Pics】

Just because your jeans don’t fit anymore doesn’t mean they belong in the trash!

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The ultimate eco-friendly art: Korean artist makes animal sculptures out of discarded tires【Pics】

When you want to help the Earth, but also need a living room conversation piece…

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Worn-out stubby pencils got you down? Bring them new life with TSUNAGO!

We’ve all been there: the pencil that you’ve been using for weeks, maybe even months, has finally been sharpened down to a barely usable nub. It’s a pain to use, but at the same time, it’s an even bigger pain to have to get new pencils. Or maybe you feel bad throwing out a perfectly good, if incredibly awkward to hold, pencil.

But not anymore! Japanese company Nakajima Jukyudo has recently released TSUNAGO, a “pencil rejuvenator” that turns small pencil stubs back into fully functional pencils. How exactly does it work? Check out the video to see how the magic is done!

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Beautiful faces and floors – Five great ways to reuse the water from rinsing rice

While out shopping the other day, I picked up a bag of prewashed rice. The grocery store was having a sale, so it was just as cheap as the unwashed kinds, and I figured, “Hey, there’s no advantage to having to rinse it myself is there?”

But as it turns out, the water left over after you wash the rice, called togijiru in Japanese, is actually pretty useful, as shown by these five ways you can reuse it instead of just dumping it down the sink.

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Coca-Cola giving away specialty bottlecaps in Vietnam to promote reusing their plastic bottles

You have to hand it to Coca-Cola. Despite being the best-selling cola brand and one of the biggest companies in the world, they certainly don’t seem to rest on their laurels. Like a hungry up-and-coming business, they’re always coming up with new gimmicks in each of the 200 countries they operate in, whether it be personalized bottles in Japan or, like now in Vietnam, a set of functional caps which can transform your empty bottle into a water gun, pencil sharpener, night lights and more after you’re finished with it.

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To reuse or not to reuse, that is the question for restaurants everywhere

The other day I was eating at a restaurant that served their French fries with a small cup. One half was filled with ketchup and the other half mayonnaise. The presentation was quite lovely but it made me wonder. It was about the size of a pudding cup and there was no way I would be able to use all of those condiments in one sitting. What would happen to the rest of it? Would it be thrown out? Surely it wouldn’t end up being served to another customer after I’d dipped my fries and poked around in it for the majority of my meal?

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