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Who doesn’t love beer and edamame? But you can’t eat or drink these … because they’re candles!

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Candle and incense maker Kameyama Co., Ltd., who recently gave us sweet incense sticks that smell like popular Japanese fruit candy, recently announced the newest addition to their line of “favorite treats” candles. Yes, starting April 1, the company is offering edamame candles, and as you can see, they’re perfect recreations of the bright green beans that you’ll find at izakaya pubs across Japan and that go so well with an frosty glass of beer!

▼Did someone mention beer? Well, they’ve already turned that into a candle!  candle 4

Many of the products made by Kameyama are not for just practical use but actually meant to serve as offerings to deceased loved ones in the Japanese Buddhist tradition. The concept behind their whole “favorite treats” candles line is that you can make an offering of a small candle in the shape of a drink or food that a departed family member or friend particularly loved. And since they already had a beer candle—which apparently has been the most popular item in the series so far with sales of over 370,000 since its release—why not have an edamame version too, right?

▼ Isn’t the detail amazing? The beans look good enough to eat!

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Both the edamame and beer candles are priced at 680 yen (US$6.05) and are available through their Candle House online shop (although they unfortunately don’t ship overseas), or at specialty Buddhist shops and selected department stores.  

▼ Now, that looks like a sight that should make some spirits quite happy!

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By the way, there are many other interesting offerings in the “favorite treats” candles line, including sushi, miso soup and sweet dango dumplings, so we had good fun just looking at the pictures!


We have to say, we never thought candles could look so delicious! What kind of candle would you like to receive as an offering?

Source: PR Times press release
Top image: PR Times press release
Insert images: PR Times press release, Kameyama website