Fill your home with the scent of Studio Ghibli

Anime aromas capture the atmosphere from some of the studio’s most magical films.

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Japanese grandma gets a hot mess of a cake for her 68th birthday【Video】

Because nothing says “happy birthday” better than a potential fire hazard.

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You can now buy your favorite Japanese foods in candle form!【Pics】

Curry and gyoza so hot, it burns—literally.

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Just looking at these beautiful edamame and beer candles will make you hungry and thirsty!

Who doesn’t love beer and edamame? But you can’t eat or drink these … because they’re candles!

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【Video】 Chinese Man Extinguishes 15 Candles Purely by the Power of His Punches

Anyone who spent too much of their youth watching kung-fu movies or anime like Dragon Ball Z will probably be familiar with terms like “taiyou ken“- the solar flare or “fist of the sun”- and mimicking the mystical moves characters pulled off.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, there were always rumours of a kid whose dad’s friend’s cousin or someone had mastered Bruce Lee’s famous “one inch punch”, resulting in the sight of skinny pre-pubescent boys standing in a line against the wall trying to replicate the move.

Well, we were either doing that or trying to throw Street Fighter-style fireballs…

In the following video, though, a man from Henan province, China, puts on an impressive display of martial arts skill by standing at the end of a 3-metre-long row of candles and extinguishing every single one solely with the force of his punches.

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