This is the creepiest version of Licca-chan ever, even for an April Fool’s Day joke.

Fortunately, April Fool’s Day only comes once a year — any more of these silly pranks and we’d probably spend every day sobbing in confusion in the corner. That said, some of the “jokes” we’ve seen this year have been quite a bit of fun, and this “new” version of Licca-chan, one of Japan’s most popular dolls, is among our favorites.

▼ And one of the creepiest things we’ve seen this year…

The joke here is actually a pun — Licca-chan is known as リカ (“Rika”) in Japanese, which just so happens to be the reading for the kanji 理科. If you’ve spent a lot of time in a Japanese school, you might recognize this as the word for “science.” In other words, Licca-chan is now “Rika-chan” (理科ちゃん) or “Science-chan!”

Apparently the name and new look were offered as an attempt to appeal to “rikeijo,” or “women in science,” though we can’t help thinking a lab coat might have been more effective…

▼ We do like that Science-chan is equipped with all manner of medical supplies!

However, we do kind of get the logic here. As the tweet above explains, with this doll, you can play and learn about human anatomy at the same time! We wonder if the same logic could be used for our all-night Mortal Kombat gaming sessions.

While this is clearly an April Fool’s Day joke, we almost want one. As creepy as Science-chan is, she’s still kind of cute. And we could definitely use some help brushing up on our human anatomy knowledge…

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Featured image: Twitter/@takaratomytoys

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