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Why leave your inactive Nintendo heroes out on the shelf when you can give them a proper home?

Nintendo hit an absolute home run with its amiibo line. Before it was launched, skeptics wondered if gamers would be willing to buy one of the game-enhancing figurines, but the real question has turned out to be what collectors should do with the multiple amiibos they’ve purchased but aren’t currently using.

The easy answer is to stick them on a shelf, but is such a mundane space really the proper environment in which to display some of the most imaginative and iconic video game characters ever conceived? Nintendo itself seems to think not, and so the company’s Japanese division has announced that it will soon start selling amiibo diorama kits.

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Two different kits will be initially available. Given the expansive crossover roster that shows up in Super Smash Bros., a diorama based on the multi-player franchise was an obvious choice for one of the inaugural offerings.

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Not quite as versatile, but no less charming, is the Kirby diorama, a perfect home for the all-consuming hero plus his friends and adversaries.

▼ It even comes with a handful of props.

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The dioramas can fold flat when not in use, with their respective series logos prominently displayed.

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Both are priced at 864 yen (US$7.75), a few hundred yen less than an amiibo figure will cost you in Japan, and go on sale April 28. If they prove to be as popular as the amiibos themselves have been, you can bet that we’ll eventually see Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom, and Planet Zebes added to lineup.

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Source: Nintendo via Game Watch via Hachima Kiko
Images: Nintendo