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Back in the spring, we got all weak in the knees when Nintendo decided to forgo hard plastic and instead craft an Amiibo figure of its loveable dinosaur Yoshi out of soft, cuddly wool. But while the yarn Yoshi can help you play through the game and look adorable perched on the palm of your hand, he’s a little too small for a proper cuddle.

So for those gamers who want to give Yoshi a proper squeeze, Nintendo is releasing a jumbo-sized version.

Like his smaller predecessors, the large and in-charge Yarn Yoshi is a salute to the occasional Mario mount’s starring role in Wii U title Yoshi’s Wooly World.

But whereas the standard-size wool Yoshi takes a seat on the corner of the gamepad…

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…the Yarn Yoshi Big, as Nintendo of Japan is calling him, has his connector located on the sole of his shoe.

▼ Which now has us wondering, which Mushroom Kingdom merchant is making a living selling dinosaur footwear?

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▼ Yoshi! Have you been nibbling on Mario’s super mushrooms?

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In contrast to the smaller Yoshis, which also come in blue and pink variants, Yarn Yoshi Big is available only in the character’s classic green.

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But who knows? Maybe if enough people buy the 4,000-yen Amiibo when it goes on sale on December 10, maybe Nintendo will make wool figures for all the patterns shown in the Yoshi’s Wooly World trailer.

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