The surprising heads have an equally surprising price tag.

What better way to turn heads on the street than with a head? That’s the philosophy behind these awesome new cat masks designed by Japanese wool artist Housetsu Sato, who uses wool felt to make natural-looking cats heads that fit perfectly atop a human body. The artist has been perfecting the cat head design since April 2015, after he made a two-metre tall beckoning cat for a school festival that became incredibly popular. Sato found that the cat head on its own was a hit with students, who looked like hybrid feline-human beasts when they put it on.


The cat heads are all individually hand-made and the artist can complete orders for short-haired kitties within a month. You can even wear the head of your own cat by sending a photo through to the artist.



With realistic fur and markings, one of the most impressive features of the heads are the creepy eyes, which appear to follow you around the room.


While the oversized heads look awesome when grouped together as a new-age band of kittens, they also have the power to stop traffic by the side of the road. Imagine seeing these two waiting for a bus on the street!


▼ Housecats can finally head off to work to help their owners make a living!


Even when it’s not being worn, the ultra-realistic cat head makes for a unique ornament, especially for pet owners who want to freak their kittens out. The price of one cat head won’t come cheap, though, with each one retailing for 648,000 yen (US$6,220). The heads are available to purchase from Japanese online shopping site Dwango.


Source, Images: PR Times