rainbow 1

A Japanese photographer was fortunate enough to capture one of the most beautiful pictures of an airplane we’ve ever seen.

You only get one chance to take a photo like this. You have to be in the right place at the right time, with just the right conditions, but when everything lines up, the results are magical.

This beautiful rainbow contrail photo was taken by Japanese photographer KAGAYA as he pointed his super telephoto lens towards the sky in Oshinomura, Yamanashi. The brilliant array of colors comes from light refracting off the small water droplets or ice crystals that form in the condensation trails from the airplane. The effect is sometimes magnified, as it is in this picture, when the plane flies through a cloud layer.

rainbow 2

rainbow 3

KAGAYA has been working as a digital artist since the 1990s, and his themes of the universe, the blue planet, and humankind as part of the universe have resonated with people all over the world. It was lucky that KAGAYA was able to capture this moment, as it definitely fits right into his artistic themes. We shared his recent trip to Antarctica, where he captured more of the beauty and splendor found on our planet, but here are some of his other photos as proof of his amazing talents.

We sometimes take for granted the simple magnificence of the world around us. If nothing else, this picture will certainly make us stop and look up the next time a plane flies overhead.

Source, top image: Twitter/@KAGAYA_11949