Surrounding mountain range supporting cast makes Japan’s most majestic peak look even more beautiful.

When thinking of Japanese paintings, colorful woodblock prints are often the first style that comes to mind. There’s another artistic tradition in Japan, though, called suibokuga, or ink wash painting.

▼ A suibokuga painting

Because of their essentially monochrome aesthetic, they tend to have an impressionist, almost otherworldly quality to them. Recently, though, Japanese photographer and Twitter user @daizphoto came across some real-world scenery that looked remarkably like a suibokuga painting when he gazed out at Mt. Fuji and saw it like this.

With the wispy fog rolling over the ridges of the mountain range, themselves so heavily forested that their vegetation appears black under the overcast skies, it really does look like the image was created with brush and ink, as opposed to the camera lens that captured the image. If you’re looking to snap a photo from the same vantage point, though, it’s going to be tricky, since @daizphoto took the picture from his seat on an airplane as it flew by Japan’s tallest mountain.

▼ “Took a photo of Mt. Fuji from the plane, and it looks just like suibokuga.”

In a way, though, it’s all the more impressive that Mt. Fuji and the surrounding peaks just happened by chance to be looking so majestically cool at the very moment @daizphoto was soaring nearby, prompting comments such as:

“It’s almost like Mt. Fuji is rising from an ocean made of the other mountains.”
“You can really see why some people were inspired to paint in the suibokuga style.”
“I can’t believe that’s not a suibokuga painting!”
“Nature is a masterful artist, after all.”

With how beautiful the photo is, maybe Dr. Martens should think about adding it to their Mt. Fuji footwear collection.

Source: Twitter/@daizphoto via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@daizphoto
Insert images: Wikipedia/江戸村のとくぞう, Twitter/@daizphoto
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