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Prepare to be impressed by these beautiful leather goods commemorating the 30th anniversary of the mega-hit anime Dragon Ball!

Yes, fans should be thrilled to hear that Tokyo-based leather goods manufacturer OJAGA DESIGN has collaborated with the internationally popular Dragon Ball franchise to produce the “DRAGON BALL 30th Anniversary OJAGA DESIGN x DRAGON BALL LEATHER COLLECTION” as a tribute to the anime, which began airing 30 years ago in February of 1986. (Heavens, has it been that long already?) We think you’ll agree with us that the vivid colors of the leather as well as the intricate design and stitches are a delight to behold!

Here’s a look at the four items in the collection:

1.  DragonBall Z Key Cap (4,212 yen/US$39)

db 1 キーキャップ

These key caps, which recreate the vivid orange coloring of the magical dragon balls, are available in all seven dragon ball designs (from the one-star to the seven-star balls) and should be even more exciting if used with the Shenlong key holder, one of the other items in the collection. The caps measure 8 centimeters (about 3 inches) in length.

2. Dragon Ball Z Shenlong Flap Key Holder (12,960 yen/$119)

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The powerful dragon god Shenlong has been turned into an intricate key holder that is sure to catch people’s eyes. The key chain is 13.5 centimeters (about 3.5 inches) long and pairs well with another of the items in the collection, the Shenlong wallet chain.

▼ Here’s how the key chain looks open and laid out flat.

db 2-2

3. Dragon Ball Z Flap Key Holder and Wallet Chain Set (19,440 yen/$178)

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The key chain portion of this set with Shenlong’s head is the same as the item introduced above, but it comes with a wallet chain in the same bright green material, giving Shenlong the long, sleek appearance we’re so used to. The length of the chain can be adjusted  from 51 centimeters to 66.5 centimeters (about 20 inches to 26 inches)

4. Dragon Ball Z Long Wallet (37,800 yen/$346)

db 4-1

The orange dragon balls on this wallet are certainly beautiful to look at and seem to be a good blend of fun and style (provided you don’t mind letting the world know you’re a Dragon Ball fan). It should be an attractive collector’s item for fans of the series.  The wallet measures 20.5 centimeters (about 8 inches) long and 10.5 centimeters (about 4 inches) wide.

▼  The back is done up like the dragon radar, the device for tracking dragon balls.

db 4-2

▼ The inside of the wallet is decorated in multiple beautiful colors.

db 4-3

So, what do you think of the Dragon Ball leather items? They’re quite pricey, but we have to say we were impressed with the craftsmanship, especially the artistic stitches and the vibrant colors. We especially loved the detail on the Shenlong key chain — it is a true work of art, if you ask us! Just look at how intricately they’ve recreated the dragon’s face.

Unfortunately, overseas shipping isn’t offered, though there are a number of reshippers in Japan that can help you. Pre-orders for the leather items are currently open on the HKDS Store website until the end of May for delivery in June. The products should delight anyone fond of Dragon Ball!

Source and images: HKDS Store website