30th anniversary

Hold on to your rings! Sega announces a “must-see” 30-year anniversary broadcast for Sonic fans

Fans worldwide prepare to celebrate thirty years of the blue blur.

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Fit’s gum collaborating with Slime for Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary

Slime and Metal Slime have appeared! Cue epic battle music.

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Hey! You’ll definitely want to listen to the Legend of Zelda’s 30th Anniversary concerts

It’s dangerous to go alone, so go forth with epic and powerful music.

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Get ready for adventure with these exquisite commemorative Dragon Ball leather goods!

Prepare to be impressed by these beautiful leather goods commemorating the 30th anniversary of the mega-hit anime Dragon Ball!

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Feel your inner Cosmo at the Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Special Exhibit coming in June 2016!

It’s been 30 years since the hit manga Saint Seiya first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans can look forward to a special commemorative exhibit next year!

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Super Mario is turning 30, Nintendo celebrates with a trip down memory lane and a new project

Do you remember where you were when you played your first Super Mario Bros. game? If you’re old-school like us, you’ll probably remember the feel of that rectangular gray NES controller in your hands, or if you’re Japanese old-school, then the burgundy Famicom controller probably means a great deal to you. If you are a bit younger, perhaps your first time with Nintendo’s rotund plumber was with Super Mario World or Super Mario 64. Or how about Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy? Needless to say, if you are a gamer, you’ve got a Mario memory somewhere in there!

Nintendo is excited to celebrate the 30 years of Mario this year, and they want you to head down the warp pipe to check out the history of Mario and what is coming up next.

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