You too can be as snug as an intergalactic conqueror in a pod.

Among the greatest of anime, Dragon Ball Z remains a milestone in animated action with its ultra-fast-paced fights that span dozens of episodes each. The most famous of these clashes was undoubtedly the time Frieza decided to mess with the Z-Fighters. Who can forget the first time that little omnipotent goblin appeared on the screen?

It’s a classic moment in anime, but few dared to question why he was riding around in that little floating pod in the first place. Frieza clearly had the ability of flight and could just float around by himself, assuming one of the strongest creatures in the universe is just too lazy to walk.

Maybe he used it to lull his opponents into a false sense of physical superiority, or perhaps he was using his own ki to levitate the pod the whole time and it was a form of constant rigorous training…or maybe that thing was just so dang comfy he never wanted to leave.

If that last one is the case, then the Friezapod cushion chair from Premium Bandai is this year’s must-have item. This full sized recreation of the villain’s pod is made of plush material for extra comfort and measures 95 centimeters (37.4 inches) wide by 70 centimeters high.

It also comes with a little compartment to hold smartphones so you can watch your favorite videos without having to leave your levitation pod!

And it’s perfect for working from home. Next time impress your colleagues and co-workers by teleconferencing direct from your Friezapod.

Or, just use it to kick back and relax in a variety of ways because maintaining an iron grip on the universe is hard work.

Many online were excited about the arrival of the Friezapod, though it’s admittedly not a home décor choice for everyone.

“That looks really comfortable.”
“Frieza has arrived!”
“But is it washable?”
“Masaru from Akira was the first one to do it.”
“That will be perfect for my levitation practice.”
“It really captures [Dragon Ball creator Akira] Toriyama’s design sense.”
“It looks like you’d get economy-class syndrome in it.”
“I should buy that for my cat.”

Before you go planning to buy a Friezapod for your cat or dog, bear in mind that one costs 29,700 yen (US$200). If that is no obstacle, then head on over to the Premium Bandai online retail site and pre-order one before the deadline of 21 November or while supplies last.

Considering how comfortable those things look, there is a considerable risk of them selling out. We can be sure that at least Masatake “Celebrity Frieza” Yamamoto already got his.

Source: @Press, Hachima Kiko
Images: @Press
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