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This gaming chair will comfortably cradle your butt during long hours in front of the screen, recline when it’s nap time.

Japanese company Bauhutte has recently launched a new range of chairs specifically aimed at gamers who are typically in front of their computers for long periods of time. Available in three colours and designed in the image of a car seat or cockpit to bring more realism to your gaming experience, the stable frame will support your posture for long hours at your terminal or in front of your giant TV.

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It features reclining and rocking functions and easy and convenient adjustment of angle and height. With the simple pull of lever you can set it to your desired angle or even recline it all the way back for a comfortable sleeping position that reportedly feels just like being in a hammock, perfect for taking breaks between games.

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Simple but impactful color coordination and solid and unique stitch lines aim to evoke a “near-future” design.

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Made with 100 percent polyester fabric, the seat offers comfortable support for your shoulders and back, and arm rests can be easily moved to facilitate gaming with either a keyboard and mouse or controller.

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The chair went on sale in Japan this month for 34,000 yen (US$308) plus tax.

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The design and in particular the colour schemes remind me a lot of the popular DXRacer gaming chairs, which are already available in Japan at a similar price point. However, Japanese consumers often display a preference for products made by Japanese companies, so perhaps this new entry has a chance at quickly capturing a share of the PC-gaming market here.

Source & images: Bauhutte