Stiff and sore? A Headshot Course will have you feeling better.

It’s a pretty safe bet that no one in 2020, a.k.a. the Year of Being Stuck at Home, is spending less time playing video games than they normally did. But while it’s not a physically demanding hobby, extended gaming sessions can still be a strain on the body.

▼ In keeping with video game logic, these red points show the potential weak spots of gamers themselves.

Too much time spent sitting and manipulating controls can leave you with a stooped back, discomfort in your wrists and fingers, and a stiff neck if you’re craning it down to look at the screen of your laptop, smartphone, or Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. So to address such ailments, gaming peripheral company Bauhutte is offering Gaming Chiropractic treatments.

Each session begins with the patient sitting at a desk (with a gaming chair) to check their posture and other biomechanics.

Developed in partnership with the Naruo Pitto chiropractic clinic, a total of four different courses are being offered, each targeting different parts of the body.

The Headshot Course, for example, is for the neck and shoulders, whose tendons you’ll have been bracing while focusing intently on single-pixel points on the screen to line up one-shot kills.

The Aim Course rejuvenates arms, wrists, and hands tired out from minute mouse movements.

The primary concern of the Update Course is the lower back, which ends up saddled with slouching body weight as you wait for patch files to download and install.

And finally, the Cheat Course is a deluxe full-body package.

The treatments incorporate a mixture of massage, stretching, and more high-tech methods such as electrical muscle and nerve stimulation.

Bauhutte says that the treatments not only alleviate discomfort, they’ll also improve your gaming performance, which makes sense since it’s hard to compete effectively with other online when your brain is telling you “Ow ow ow ow” every time you go to make a game-winning move.

▼ Bauhutte’s before/after photos for a combination of the Update and Headshot courses.

Prices start at 2,500 yen (US$24) for a single 40-minute Aim Course session, with discounts for multiple-session pre-purchases, with treatment currently being offered at Naruo Pitto’s clinic in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture (about 30 minutes from downtown Osaka or Kobe). Between this, Bauhutte’s gaming bed furniture system, and Japan’s new drinkable gamer fuel supplements, we’re just about all set, though we’re still waiting for someone to make that gaming toilet a reality.

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