Take your gaming to the next level: the floor!

For those of us who love to spend much of our free time playing video games, a sweet gaming setup is a must. And, to keep your butt comfy and your back straight during those long gaming marathons, you’re gonna need a top of the range gaming chair. But what if you much prefer sitting on the floor, Japanese style? Well, now there’s a low chair on the market to satisfy all of your needs!

Behold, the Bauhutte Gaming Chair LOC-01-BK!

The chair also extends fully backwards for those impromptu naps.

It even has little wheels so you can roll yourself around rather than use your legs like a non-lazy person. Better watch those wheels on the tatami mats, though.

The chair is available via Amazon.co.jp for around 24,000 yen (approx US$230).

Source: Bauhutte via NetLab
Images: YouTube/Bauhutte