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Some people have no problem with standard textbooks and teaching methods, but others need a more interesting, unusual approach to help new concepts stick in the brain.

For chemistry, Japanese students have Kameda Kazuhisa no Yuuki Kagaku ga Omoshiroi hodo Wakaru Hon, which literally translates to “Kazuhisa Kameda’s So Interesting You’ll Understand Organic Chemistry Book”. Quite a mouthful, but judging from the illustrations inside, it’s not lying about the “interesting” part.


One illustration in particular, shared by @Ec2Pt, has caught a lot of attention from the online community.


Instead of what you might typically find in a chemistry textbook — various letters and numbers connected by lines here and there — the Omoshiroi Kagaku book illustrates three types of chemical bonds using cute anime-style characters in differing stages of hand-holding.

▼ This alphabet soup looks pretty boring…

無題Image: Wikipedia (1, 2, 3)

Single bonds are represented by two young elementary-aged school children holding hands. Two girls clapping both hands together in a high-five form a double bond, and two teenage sweethearts share a drink and scarf while holding hands, making a triple bond. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, those with a little more chemical knowledge than I (and, it would seem, the textbook illustrator) have a few things to say about triple bonds in particular:

“Aren’t organic triple bonds unstable?”

“Triple bonds have a free ‘hand’ don’t they? So if another ‘girl’ came along it would try to reach out, resulting in a fight scene, wouldn’t it?”

“This picture is interesting if you think about it, because triple bonds are unstable and easily result in addition reactions, causing it to break up.”

“If you’re wearing a scarf, then stop drinking cold drinks!”

“You’ve got a better stick to connect with than a straw, what are you doing guy?”

Well that escalated quickly…

The girl-on-girl double bond action didn’t go unnoticed either.

“It would’ve been just fine with the two girls, you stupid boy.”

▼”This is how I imagine single-, double-, and triple-bonds.”

▼ Single bond


▼ Double bond


▼ Triple bond


Hopefully now you have a better grasp of chemical bonds, though we can’t guarantee this will help you at all on your next chemistry test!

Source and top image: Twitter/@Ec2Pt via Hachima Kisou